Katsaris plays Recuerdos de la Alhambra


Dem repeated notes tho!

I like koji’s better.
I don’t usually like Kataris but it wasn’t bad from him.

You heard his LvB symphonies?

Of course.

After listening to them, I started to pay attention to textures in the symphonies, themselves, that I hadn’t necessarily noticed or give much attention to before.

The piece in the youtube video is part of an album called Piano Rarities, Vol. 1.: Transcriptions.

Beyond the supernatural execution of the tremolo’s, what is most attractive in this performance is how closely he imitates guitar playing. Listen closely to the little subtitles and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Yeah. This man is responsible for that my favorite LvB symphony set comes from a pianist!

I must admit my question was directed at Brew however, since he said he doesn’t like Katsaris. If you’re primarily familiar with him through what he’s done the past 15 years I think you might have a somewhat skewed view of him, whereas if you’ve heard his Beethoven/Liszt, Mozartiana disc etc it’s probably more of a Brew/CK character mismatch. I am hugely fond of him myself - he’s such a bright, positive, “Voltaireian” figure in the music world, and I think he’s done some heavy lifting in terms of artistic work over the years as well. I collect him as carefully as I can ca 1979-2004, if maybe a little less enthusiastically outside of that.

Yes, this is amazing stuff: youtube.com/watch?v=VWLGcHCFzxo

From a time when he was really an obsessive, he practised about 8 hours a day, I’ve been told…

He’s certainly an interesting pianist, I don’t know about bright tho; in this interview he mentions “the great American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard”


I’ve heard it but it’s been a long time, and I’m definitely more familar with his recentish stuff. I’ll go back and relisten to it.

I would purge my Thetans for repeated notes and octaves like that!



It sounds good when Koji plays it, but this must be some of the most cumbersome repeated notes playing I’ve seen. Raise the wrist! Relax! This can’t come naturally for him.

Those octaves at the end though. 8) I guess it’d be about him, Katsaris, Pogo and VH who’d be able to do that.

Randomly, I’d rather he didn’t try to imitate the guitar.
Why hear an imitation when I can just listen to a guitarist play it ?
I want it to be as pianistic as possible.

Yes but it is pretty cool with imitations. :slight_smile: I remember there’s a passage in Zimerman’s Passacaglia transcription for instance where he draws an eerie organ sonority from the piano which always gives me the chills.

Koji’s rec is SO much better. This was actually painful to listen to at times.

I’m with Brew. Never felt a strong affinity for anything Katsaris has done. The Beethoven Symphonies are very good, and probably the best thing he’s done. There’s a video of Katsaris playing the Pastoral which is quite good too.

I heard him live at da Yamaha salon where he played a really tasteful Schumann Arabeske

Wow, I’d take almost any symphony rec over the piano transcriptions. They’re fun and all, but they’re no substitute for full orchestra as Beethoven intended.

What do you mean by pianistic in this case? How is his imitation of the guitar precluding this interpretation from being incredibly pianistic?

Yes, Cat’s arse is a convinced scientologist, maybe that’s why he is so twisted!