Kevin Kennah interview:

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Well, yeah!

:tractor: :woman:

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@Dr. K: do u know dat da Kennah rezeived a zpezial prize in da 1989 Klitburnah kump fo bein, quote, «da highezt rankin penizt in da :us:»?

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I assume he has very, very high level connections. At any rate, his rigged comments inspired moi to supercharge my tone production and get way more nuances so that I will never get accused of merely banging, again…

and it worked…

Now I’m being asked to get the vax and suicide myself. :dong:

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Dat’z da zpirit!! Juz b open 2 advize (at leazt until u turn 30) but don’t take any mo’ lezzonz, lezt yor mofonezz end u bein watered down


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Moi iz already vaxed, n ztill here. But do wut yo mofo azz thinkz bezt.

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sputnik? Hopefully not the mRNA crap

No, moi got lucky n wuz offered da Janssen!

datz not a good one, and is similar enough to mRNA shit, your body still get tricked into producing a specific spike protein, which offers little immunity to anything else.

If you’re fine after 14 days, nothing too horrid should happen, so thank god for that.

Hmm I missed my second vax appointment way back but from sloth alone.

I tore up my jab appointment paperwork. I watched so much porn and treated da :hui: like shit, I have much to atone for before croaking, can’t risk getting a one-way ticket to hell via the jab, yet…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

…well, wutz da bezt jab (or da leazt wurzt one)?

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Novavax when it becomes available…

Or… or they are all poison and always have been.

Explains the rising autism.

from Imgflip Meme Generator



You can see that I don’t know how to use an meme generator there. Point of pride!

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