Khatia thinks schubert was GAY GAY GAY

from Wiener Konzerthaus - Programmdetail

»To love Schubert means […] to master the art of patience,« writes Khatia Buniatishvili about the composer to whom she dedicates her recital. The self-confessed feminist recognises feminine aspects in Schubert’s work: »What sings in Schubert’s music is that femininity which has sprung from a state of greatest vulnerability – love – and which is transformed into a stronger force: The power to act, to create, to exist.« This power will be experienced in the thundering presence of the seemingly endless hammering accompaniment figures in Franz Liszt’s »Erlkönig« arrangement – one of Buniatishvili’s showpieces."

so basically she thinks schubert was a greedy bottom and erlkonig shows he liked gettin that ass blasted- hard.



Henze once said “of course Schubert vos gay, you can hear it in zee music”

I dun get the moosicalogical significance of the schub getting railed in the tookis.


i mean, it doesn’t have any significance, just a vapid, desperate attempt to make Schubert relevant to our current social situation, which of course, he doesn’t need any help with, least of all from ms. khatia


Looks like she hired the same ghost-writer that her marketing used for the website bio.

Then again, it’s not like she has a degree in philosophy from Columbia.

Aw shit, I went into savage mode again.


now that i think about it… i think she might actually be a drag queen doing performance art as ‘sexy concert pianist’. look at her ruby comp performances- def could be a boy. then, all of a sudden, comes the lipstick, the wig, the boobs… and, this written stuff is so campy, her whole brand is literally gay as fuck.

its a man in a dress with makeup, this is my theory and im sticking to it! maybe i spent too much time here already


Bs da zherb wuz a heterosexual woman


Hmm poss



Da Punani cuntztructing sum kinda metaphor whereby she pegz da Sherbet with her Erldong, while da :doc: submitz us to a D960 znoozeathon.

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Same goes for Yuja and even Poon.
Slit clearly ugly enough to be a real woman tho.

Yo, defamation lawsuit incumming as this is a pubic thread? Lol

That’s dissertation material.

Dual degree: musicology AND gender studies.

And it won’t even be a joke. Fuck.

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This a public thread?

Then I just want to say how proud I am to celebrate the beautiful body of this trans woman and how important sexual identity is in something as personal as the arts.


*trans person.

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Does Khatia qualify as a person of color?