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pogo-like playing in x couple of years pozz

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Any further news on this story?

She was found not guilty due to insanity, and committed to a mental hospital.

One of the most tragic stories. I don’t know how he copes and in some way I hope she never regains her sanity, because having it sink in what she has done would just destroy her.

I know, he has all my rezpec for being able to keep performing. God knows I wouldn’t be able to.

most likely (IMO) she’s already regained her sanity. There are so-called trains of logic which run on very rigid tracks and once a (particularly susceptible) person gets rigged into them, it can be impossible to get off them until either the tracks run out (as here) or someone pulls you out / there’s a crash along the way. So chances are IMO she’s sane enough (again / otherwise), though of course I don’t know which medications she’s on or was taking. I think I wrote about this in another thread on the old board last year and explained that from her perspective, she probably felt she was protecting her children from something – hence the finality of it. I’ve been through almost exactly this but from another angle and can tell you that a) chances are the woman has her senses, at least to the degree of start / end / continuation with her children b) the pianist will piecemeal the effects of this throughout the rest of his life and will find many parts of it become circular and unending, c) the fact he was not there when it happened will probably have a more visual and longer-lasting effect on him because he didn’t see it / couldn’t internalise one single image (sequence of images) of the killings and steps towards them and therefore will run various / many actions of how it happened / could have happened and he’ll replay those and will augment / edit them because he’ll never have a final print of how it really visually took place, d) an attempt to erect a barrier between stage / performance and personal might be ok as a stopgap for a while but probably won’t last because (at least in part) the creativity involved in expressing someone else’s work (composer’s) might not be adequately self-involving to expunge / extirpate / release his own thoughts and feelings which at this early stage won’t even be ready to come out (this is to say that at some point he’ll need a more focused and perhaps more all-involving creative process that is entirely his from start to finish).


This morning while sick and in bed I was listening to his wife’s (Sophia Tsygankova) performance of Schumann. You can find it on YT if you want. I (da vlad) then looked her up and found ma-self to be correct in ma assumption that she killed her kids to protect them from something.

‘she believed she was saving them from future harm and that they would live in a home not under the influence of the devil, she told doctors.’

You can see a video of the court decision below

Oh I didn’t know there were recordings of her playing. It’s a really messed up situation. The older daughter was such a sweet kid, and the younger just a baby.

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Tru, she plays well from what I saw.

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Ahahaha pozz not

Tiz juz da HUNGRY JEFF effect

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Could be that also. Although I missed his performance, I did catch some pretty bad playing.