Kissin gets married

Didnt see that coming… Never been able to tell if hes straight, gay or asexual … -gets-wed/

Mannn. Who knew da KISSIN had such GENSUI taste.
Diz chick is a MILF tru.
Maybe she has a HOT DAUGHTAH?

Rezpek da Kissin mofo!

Kissin also programming the Hammerklavier pretty soon…

Can he still rock hard shit like he did the feux follets and brahms pags… we shall see.

da TRIMOFO alzo got engaged lazt year to zum Dominican chick DAIM.

Good on him, rezpec da genie!
Although, raising someone else’s kids = no thanks
Where’s he even based these days?

Ha, I thought he’d forever be tied to his trainer/teacher/carer chick.

Who’s to say she’s not moving in with them, although she must be very old by now.

she probably took hiz virginity, REZPEK 8)