kissin - verbier 2018 recital - recording request

hello all
has this been broadcast at all ?
if so - anyone please share

I don’t know if it was broadcasted, but Medici will publish video on replay (I hope of the whole concert). I’m also curious to hear his first ever Debussy.

I can’t imagine that it would be music he’d excel at, given his sound.
Although stranger things have happened.

He has done some 2P Debussy actually, but yeah… I’m curious too.

Hm, was it Debussy in Verbier? It looks like his entire autumn is still LvB/Rach?

He’s previewing it a little apparently - Verbier was the new program, Salzburg will be in a few days, and then it’s back to the old one the rest of the year.

The announced programme was:
3 chopin nocturnes
Schumann sonata 3
8 Debussy préludes
Scriabin sonata 4

Yeah, he played in Verbier and recently in some other places this new program with Debussy, but it’s interesting he will coming back in autumn to the Hammerklavier/Rach program. Since op. 106 was a big success maybe he wants to play it more.

I understand his decision that he didn’t allow live video stream on medici, since this new program is fresh…

Speaking about his Debussy - I also don’t excpect miracle, esp. in the terms of color, but we will see. CJ, which preludes he did before?

So long as he doesn’t play that Hammerklavier programme here for a third time. I didn’t check when he’s coming but it better be the new one.

No Preludes, 2P=2Piano. He did two of the Deb/Rav Nocturnes with Argerich in 2001, Nuages & Fêtes.

It looks like you’ll get the re-premiere of the new program in Feb actually Brew. He also seems to be dropping the US going forth, which is a shame.

Good, because I think I would boycott future concerts if he played it 3 times!

Hehe, THREE times? Did he give more Paris recitals than the one you attended in oct/nov somewhere?

Yes, he played the programme in June or July at FLV, then repeated it at TCE when I saw him in November.

Ok, different venues and reasonably far apart in time at least then. He does these things otherwise - he gave TWO Carnegie recitals back to back in 2015 for instance, identical programs and identical encores. Probably also the two most expensive recitals in the world that year for a single classical musician.

I actually think that’s better because you’re not in danger of seeing him twice and thinking it will be a different programme. I’m just glad that FLV was sold out when I went to book because otherwise I would’ve just bought the ticket without checking the programme.

Lol imagine being a world renowned concert pianist who is knows for his bad sound. Much suck. PS: I have nothing against him

And high ticket prices! I’ve probably mentioned this already since I thought it was so funny, but they have a budget concert series in NYC called the People’s Symphony Concerts, where the idea is that audiences can hear quality musicians at somewhat more affordable prices than the posh Carnegie etc. This past season the series had 18 concerts which included names like Lise de la Salle, Hamelin, the Juilliard SQ, etc. A friend in the city got a full subscription for all 18 of these, which costed LESS than his single ticket for Kissin’s Carnegie recital!!!

He does have other qualities though!
I think even worse is Pogo’s prices; who wants to pay 130 euros for a washed up pianist like him? :gav: