Kleiber Schubert 'great'

Heard dis on the radio and sounded pretty dam fantastic but the only info I can find is dis which is not helpful.
cduniverse.com/search/xx/mus … at+%22.htm
Does anyone have they could up?

Wow didn’t know Kleiber did the Schubert 9th! I’m also interested in hearing, although I haven’t yet done an in-depth listening to any of Schubert’s symphonies.

That’s because he didn’t.

Explain then? It’s Erich Kleiber?? :dong:

OK, the Link I posted is Erich but I’m pretty dam sure they said Carlos on the radio - it was a live concert so maybe hasn’t been released?

ok, def not Carlos, he didn’t conduct the piece at all

Unless it was someone eerily similar…

Does the radio station not have an archived schedule of what they played where you can look it up? Perhaps it was Erich Kleiber in which case its pretty available.

Yeh, it does and I did. The closest I could find to what I vaguely remember the time being was Masur…I think I’m imagining things (or wishing for things :smiley: )