Klemperer - Brahms Symphonies


Best complete Brahms Symphonies set, imo. Klemperer was a legend.

Massive respect!!! THanks a lot!

I like this set very much, but can never put it past Szell. The Cleveland is in a class of it’s own, something I can really say about the Phil.
Also, do you know Walter’s last Symphony 4? I find it in a league of it’s own.

Brahms’ Symphonies are the greatest set in the literature imo.

Im can’t stop listening to the 4th. All the recs of it uploaded recently have just been golden. respec

Can’t argue this point.

I would - I’m a Beethoven guy. Even the lesser Beethoven Symphonies (2, 4, 8 ) are charming enough.

But tru, Brahms would be no. 2 on my list.


There’s nothing in Brahms to compare to the “Eroica” or 9th, but my
argument would be the simple one that the Brahms speak to me more as a whole, particularly 3 and 4. But my list’s number 2 would be Sibelius, which I realize is an idiosyncratic choice.