Konstantin Scherbakov

Known for playing lots of Godowsky and Lyapunov etc.

He’s not talked about much on here, what do you guys think of him?

That’s how sheeyat his unedited recs actually are?


Yeah. :slight_smile:

On the other hand listen to this:

He gave an all-Beethoven recital in southern Greenland last year, including this, which I really regret I didn’t travel over for.

WTF! Where in Greenland? Nuuk?


Datz a live rec? Hearing it now, genzui!’

See? Fuck record companies.

“Hey will you perform all the Liszt TEz n Lyapunovs in da second half. Next week?”

“Hey what da fuck u been smokin nigga, I need 3 months just to get dem PIMPETZ in rectal condition!”

“Hey can you record those next week tho?”



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A mofo I vaguely know studied with him and seemed to rate him highly.

He’s actually good.

Too bad most of his recs are patched to death to cover up the fact that he is sightfucking.

In general I don’t rate him particularly highly to be honest, but he is very well suited to this kind of repertoire. His Beethoven has backbone as it were, if not finesse.

This was pretty much how it was for Fiorentino, except he probably had minimal editing.

Well, yeah, but the less patchy - the better

I’ll like that for da gif! One of my favorite shows :grinning:

It’s amazing how young he looks there. I’m used to seeing how he looks on Modern Family,

I can’t get into modern family. In part coz I’d rather listen to 3 hours of mereaux than Sofia Vergara.

It hasn’t been good for years. I’m glad it’s ending. But SV is really funny, randomly.

Didn’t even know it was finishing. Ed is one in a million to have been in 2 long lasting TV shows!

Not even her boobs can save her imo.

There’s also her hair, ass and legs :wink: