(Korea Times) Shocking past of pianist Joyce Yang revealed

(Seoul-8/7/05) After clinching the Silver Medal at the prestigious 2005 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Joyce Yang, 19, seemed as if she could no wrong. Yang was called to be a “girl who seemed to never get in trouble, but ironically, with strong erotic urges” by her parents. They later added that she seemed to hold back her urges painfully but with occasional outbursts.

Because of her excellent reputation as both pianist and citizen, relations were shocked greatly when they, for the first time, uncovered some of her photographs back in 2003 when she posed as a bikini model.

“I can’t believe she would have resorted to such things!” Alexander Kobrin, the Gold Medalist at the 2005 Cliburn Competition, exclaimed, “She told me she was short on money, but this is too much!”

“These photos are both raunchy and surprising,” Yoheved Kaplinsky, Yang’s teacher at Julliard, remarks, “Raunchy because, well, for obvious reasons. Surprising because for all the long years I had her, I failed to notice her respectable bosom.”
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“I can’t believe she would have resorted to such things!” Alexander Kobrin, da Gold Medalist at da 2005 Cliburn Competition, exclaimed, “She told mah-bad-self she was short on money, but dis iz too much!”


Alexander Kobrin
Alexis Glumol
Michael Fangpior
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