Krampuz capcunt

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“No I’m not here for the furry convention, bitch”

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Da :tractor: :princess: takes it badly after being told she haff a big azz

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Haha fuck. When the MSM tenure offer dun arrive because of setbacks due to the Corona psyop

the beazt : TAKE THE JAB :japanese_ogre:
trumofo : NOOOO!!!



:tm: ”I do not consent, in the name of our savior Jesus… take your damn fursuit off, Zkep!! Juz because I showed u ma titties in jest, does not mean I want a hookup”.

Da Kennah getting a review copy of da new TM :pimp: album

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“Da Scherzo n March got some totally rewritten parts! I dun even hear the bottom notes in the chords and da octs are all cheating. Totally unsophisticated playing”.

(Lmao da playing legit on da “Pussy” side so Da fucker would not even be able to call it bangy. Yeah! Suck it :sunglasses:


:fire: When being mediocre actually…. makes you immune to krittycizm. This :poop: shit is so generic and average dat you can’t even diss it or you’ll have to slam the whole NAXOS catalogue)

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Eric Clapton going after fans who listen to bootlegs.

:cn: :princess: what’s wrong? Yeah, I filtered my pics A BIT.

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Poon after someone calls her ‘a youtuber’