Kriezleriana vz da Fantazy in C

  • Kreisleriana
  • Fantasy

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Fantazy iz more accezzible, pazzionate, hopeful

Kreizleriana iz more dark, deep, and haunting

Which iz your pick?

I can think of a dozen good fantasy recs but the kreis not so many

Why do you think Kriesleriana has more depth?

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Hm I think the Fantasy has more depth to be quite honest. Of course I love Kreisleriana too, but the Fantasy has more substance IMO

I’d say, da Sexual Fantasy is… nicer.

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My fave is Moiseiwitsch


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The paris hilton the oringator of the veiny boob nigh vision porn genre. Respek her contributions to the art form.


Deeply contraversial choice. I like kissin in the fantasy a lot

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She has veiny breasts?

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Daim, hearing da Moiseiwitsch now. Very nice but dere are sum unpleasant accents

Daim. Da TM tastes definitely changed.

This require private research to confirm fo sho.

What iz da bezt Kreiz rec?

I zay Radu Lupu

I liked perlmuter’s earlier recording but was listening to it while a little bit high. It may very well be terrible.

Did cortot record the Kreis seems up his alley?

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Yes, Cortot did a good rec

Kempff has another great one

Richter suprizingly did not ever touch Kreiz dezpite zaying he loved it


Both are masterpieces, and ultimately it’s just what you personally prefer. I loooove Kreisleriana, probably one of my favorite pieces of music in any genre. It’s incredibly difficult and awkward to play though.

Randomly, I loved Trifonov’s live unleash of this.

Overall fave Kreis recs: Ho live (various, any of da 1968 recs is wikid), Sofro (studio and also live Scrib museum, Gieseking (INSANE)

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