Kultyshev Liszt Etudes !!


They’d better not suck - I spent 24 USD on them. I’ll post as soon as they arrive.

never heard of him, I’m guessing he’s good or you wouldn’t be excited about this :rectum:

Yeah i remember this guy. He played Mazeppa and Chasse Neige in the Tchaik comp a few years back. Was it really that good?

DA MULOT :rectum:

I thought his Mazeppa and Chasse Neige were some of the best I’ve heard. Maybe I’m alone in this ? I guess we’ll see when I get the disc.

I second you on the zepp… Insane fury and speed. Almost as good as Cziffra’s, which imo is king in this set. Haven’t heard the LAPD though…

I quite like this Mazeppa, its quite beastly, but I dont think I would want to hear it twice in a row. It would be like taking repeated kicks to the balls, and nobody wants that. I would need to space my listenings of it a bit. He reminds me of somebody famous …

He won the Tchaikovsky Competition 2007 (2nd place, 1st not awarded).
And his performances of the Liszt Etudes in the competition were truly one of the best I’ve ever heard, if not the best. Totally up with Cziffra, Berman, etc

I have his entire 2nd round performance as an mp3 if anyone is interested.
Schumann - Allegro op8
Tchaikovsky - Dumka op59
Tchaikovsky - Waltz in 5/8 time op72 no16
Scriabin - Sonata no3
Liszt - Trans Etudes: Chasse Neige, Ricordanza, Mazeppa
Chopin - Sonata no3

I’m interested :slight_smile:

Thanks dude

i have the vid too, if anyone is interested.
The audios are on the website I posted on the other thread, and are still active:
It includes the final concerto performances too.

I’d be interested in the vid since the vid links on that page are all down.


Respect !

i posted the vid in the rec section.

Legend :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hahaha da Kutz’s mazeppa

to be honest, i thought it was kinda sloppy in the beginning, but it really picks up steam by the 2nd variation. I can definitely see why Chriz luvz it, though I wudn’t say it’s my fav Mazeppa

and da cold unforgivin stare ov da Petrov

daim, i dun think i can perform juzt haffin dat guy sitting there.

fuck tru, da Petrov only want you down

Petrov looks very scary, but he’s actually a really nice guy.


met him?

Kapell comp, '96.