La Grimaud

What do others here think about Helene Grimaud?

I liked her playing. But recent recordings and concerts have proved disappointing for me.

Any opinions (like I even need to ask)?

meuf canon fo sho but da playing tiz not my sheeyat. Def not SD and sometimez a bit pretentiouz imo.

i iz goin to zee her BRAHMZ 2 tha day aftah tomorow i think

zhud be gud tiz paired wiz tha DIEZEL’z Rite of Zheeyat :whale:

wot’s SD?

banned? 8)


Speed Deamon :stop:

Oi, behave! I ain’t done nothing to get banned. Anyway, learned my lesson in SD forum terminology, somehow!

da best way to NOT git banned iz get 100 pozt as soon as pozz

hahah TRU

hiztory hath zhown tym n tym again tha accelarando to 100 poztz AFAP tech rezultz in prozpahrouz SDC careerz :dong:


Understood. I have tried tho, with my uploads and all.

But understand that at the same time, I don’t want to write just any shit to get my 100 posts.

Anyway, will try my best!

nah you’re cool. Getting to 100 posts by spamming is guaranteed to get you tossed by da Canadian. Juz keep doing wat your doing.

haha I haff da Grimaud brilliant classics box set, I posted it sum tym ago.

Sometimez awezum playin, sometimez a bit wtf 8)

haha I haff dat set too but when exactly iz it awesome? :stop:

hahaha bru, it may be da accidental expozha ov turnin up da volume on her vidz to block out da wankin zoundz, but i a BIT ztarted to lyk zum ov her playin

tru n i think da BRITNAH iz a gud zingah :gav: :zhreddah:

hahaha da Brew

da good partz iz when u think about her lookz 8)

Her playing is getting insipid with age.
The Etudes-Tableaux she recorded as a teenager (14!) were quite stunning, but now that she’s 30-something, yeah, she became somehow pretentious.

tru i juz zaw her BRAHMZ 2 lazt wednezday paired wiz tha VIN Rite of Zheeyat

tha bRAHMZ wuz ok but i haff enjoyd otha perfz bettah, howeveah it wuz LIVE n tha firzt tym i haff evah witnezzd it LIVE zo that wuz zumwhut wikid

her 1zt mvt wuz 8) 8) 8) 2nd mvt juz not :wood: level, n probably zhe did tha bezt on tha 4th mvt. all in all wikid, pluz zhe wuz hot :whale:


definitely tha bettah HALF of tha prog lyk 200 fuckin bazzoonz, n tha legendary TUBA-mutez look lyk fuckin mini-kegz juz FUCK!! girthed up orch , wiz tha TIMPANIZTZ (2 of them) juz killling it wiz ZICKNEZZZ TRU!

ahah thiz random review :gav:

undoubtedly, she’s a sheeyat pianist.

She had to stop a performance because of cardiac problems.
that’s kind of… disheartening. Even though she’s boring.