Lang Lang getting worse

My god this is disturbing. If anyone wants the whole concert, for CG purposes, let me know. It’s Mozart Sonatas and Chopin Ballades. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure it’s awful. This track posted above was the encore :open_mouth:

haha the fuck is this shit, sounds like a parody of lang lang with the accents

the worst thing is that the audiences keep lapping up this sheeyat.

hahaha da ANGRY TURK
who beat hiz wyf n kidz aftah drinkin too much raki

ahahahaha :dong: :dong: :dong: :dong: :dong:

well his interpretations have literally become dogshit, his technique is really damn good though, such a shame he wastes it for the sake of being the clown.

i wouldnt mind zapping through the other pieces of that concert.

To be honest, there are parts that are quite decent. Ballade No. 2 is good, and the coda of No. 4 is pretty wild. But he just has no discipline. He’s like a hyperactive child who doesn’t know any better.

I feel like the real problem is not with clowns like Lang Lang, but with today’s audiences who only ask for this much.


da DONGAH make da central ticklah zect zound mo legendary den anyzheeyat in da VOLODICK TRANZ!

diz an aztoundin achievement tru :dong: