Lang Lang stuffs … ForumID=14

come have fun =) check out the website as well. Freedom of speech is encouraged on the forum; howevah, if you have hatred towards him especially, that is not a great place to unleash ur fury… da fans powah iz sorta scary dere…

I especially wanna know this: … readID=434

Cast your votes if you may=)

but please, no ganstah accent and r-rated language there… whole bunch of innocnet dreamy lil. gals ah there, we can’t afford to contaminate them…



wtf…is lang homosexual?

I think that’s probably his dad … they’re REALLY close :smiley:

lookz like hiz dad iz bit INZANE alzo 8)

a bit ghey

Now we know what da dongah will look like in 30 years.

da futah iz lookin up 8)

hhahahahaah d DONGAH vil look fuckin leendary

a bit Down’s Syndromish…yes


hhaha da chick on da left lookz lyk da MART