last nite's fuck

it waz so fuckin good. mah toes curled so much i got footcramps, truely.

sex suckz

pozzibly. dependz on if datz what u wanna do at da time.



jerk off

n flood mah room? da cleanup iz too much work.

u randomly leave ur seed to a anus/cunt


respec for da chair in yo backround pic. dat is most obviously a comfy chair.


haha whenever i say the word lol it turns out like lol

thats pretty funny


i put mah seed in mah hand before a recital. it helps keep mah handz warm.

yez. then i played on dat piano n got AIDS.

den i went to da top of a mountain n got rid of it. obviously.

da lesson is… mountains + AIDS - you + piano x warm hands = :rectum:

:dong: :stop: