lastly - Rzewski De Profundis video … 2127&hl=en



diz wut i wuz wiaitn fo :doc:

OMG this is so totally awesomally cool

You really have guts, playing this live, and it’s really fantastic.


dayum man, rezepc. i’ve only watched the first 5 mins or so, need to make time to watch this completely :slight_smile:$

iactually odn’t know that piece that well, is it meant as joke, like something light-hearted or dead-serious?

i think it’s pretty fucking serious when played well

slapnutz, i will definitely listen ur perf someday :blush: but i just haven’t yet

did i hear some a-holes laughing? ur a comedian

happens every time, parts of it are funny

some people also got up and left, which also happens every time

don’t really care, though, i just love playing it!

post mroe rzew rex

Shit, I can’t imagine the balls it takes to perform that. Mega Respect

I can’t imagine playing this. It’s so crazy out there that I can only compare it to going on stage naked. To hear audience members laughing (and you know they are laughing AT the you/the music) and keep going undeterred is fucking incredible. Major respec.

It makes all those pussies that walk offstage because of people coughing or some other distraction seem pretty fucking stupid[er].


I love this piece.

Btw, if they wuzn’t laughing dat wudd haff been a bad thingy.

hahaha from 23:35 WTF 8)

Next you have to play Ferneyhough’s “dramatic opera” for pianist

opus contra naturam doesnt even come close to de profundis.

Amazing, that you are even able to perform this, and with such brilliance!


according to my perusal the score seems to say otherwise

my curiosity was piqued until i saw “ferneyhough”

fuck that noise

hahah ferneyhough is randomly a stanford prof

kill him