Latest Episode of my show with David Aladashvili

Greetings, friends!

It has been forever since I have posted here. Today I release the latest episode of my show with guest pianist David Aladashvili: … 2F5106F713

Do any of you have suggestions of other online forums where I can post the series and get the word out a little more? The shows are very expensive to film and produce and so far I don’t really have a wide audience. Any suggestions are most welcome!

All best,
Zsolt Bognar
Cleveland, OH


This is great… I had no idea that you did this but vaguely remember something similar a while back if I’m not mistaken. I love that when you interview, you actually listen rather than try to interrupt as most interviewers do.

That was entertaining- he’s quite a pianist, such clean tone and clarity. Speaking of clarity, nice camera!

In terms of forums online, I wish that I could tell you. Have you tried getting more exposure via Facebook and “We Bang Steinways” yet?


it’s good that you’ve put in on youtube, I found it impossible to stream on that other site.