Lazer Bear

Interesting because the lazer bear’s voice was unknown to me and he was talking about speed.


True, playing difficult parts with various rhythms & accents is always helpful.
Diz looks like Depussy Chromatic Et.
Interesting that he was a left-hander. He was a big man but he had a complex about his “weak”, relatively small hands. He gave up practising Liszt HR6 because it made his r. hand too tired. From an early childhood he was relentlessly drilled by his mother, he studied almost all the standard technical etudes literature (Czerny, Clementi, Cramer etc.).

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He has a damn good stretch!
Small hands? He be trippin!

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Nigga$ be havin a bigazz dick n worried dat sheeyat be too short

Learn to angle that shit, niggha!

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Ahahahah da BEAR

Fuckkkkkkk diz mofo wuz left handed???

Randomly every BEAR RAPE i can recall ztart wiz a random LH fuckup dat ezcalate into FULL BLOWN RAPE wizin 5 secz :sunglasses:

Da BEAR randomly a top 5 penist according to da TM sensei motha, up dere wiz Richter n Rach

Didn’t expect him to be speaking in Italian. I’d forgotten he settled there.