Le moist octave glissandi

So for some reason today I got home from work and thought I would try to mess a bit with the Waldstein. I had not tried the octave glissandi since I got my new grand 4 years ago. This instrument is a little on the heavy side action wise, which Ive never minded because it tends to make other instruments ‘feel easy’. In any case, I tried the octave glissandi and it was a fucking disaster. It used to come out quite nicely on my electronic Kawai, so I got a bit pissed off and went online to try to find some options.

And sure enough, on one particular forum I read someone suggesting I lick my pinky before proceeding. Now, whereas it’s true it was not a piano forum -or even a music forum- I thought I may give it a go. And lo and behold, the glissandi came out like a sled on Christmas morning. So, lesson learned, never underestimate a wet pinky.

Has anyone had any kind of success with this glissando on heavy pianos? I know trumofo does articulate these octaves but I don’t know if it was a matter of principle of because of the mechanism. In any case, I am a converted licker now. Can’t wait to share the news with the wife.

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I will show yo azz a vid tomorrow, if I ever do da Waldstein again, I’ll probably do the gliss….

Just gotta bend da thumb and put most of the weight on it. Remind moi!

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Awesome! Thanks for the tips! I’ve given it another go. It’s still a bit hit and miss but the second one of these three came out at least more or less fluid. Even though it sounded a bit like someone playing a pan flute.

Ahahahaha da zepp alzo taught diz zong zumtym ago

can’t remembah wut I advized re da oct glizz, pozz zum tymlezz wizdom lyk:

“if da 88 iz movin zidewayz, u iz doin it wrong” :sunglasses: