Left Hand Double Notes

This single technique is the one that I define as separating the virtuosi from the supervirtuosi.

You often hear right and left hand octaves, runs, arpeggios. And you hear right hand double notes - a technique that definitely impresses pianists more than casual listeners.

But you seldom hear them for the left hand - and they’re a real sore spot if a pianist runs into them and isn’t used to them!

Which pieces have passages in LH DNs and which pianists have the best LHDN tech?

This legendary final section is a good example!

Hear how even Libetta’s LHDNs don’t quite match the smoothness of his RHDNS

Highly rezpecable

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Probably not what you’re looking for, but what immediately springs to mind is III from Petrushka. In one of my more delirious moments I once tried to learn this monster, and I remember a “rhythmic trill” as it were there in LH double notes he forces you to play with 2-4/3-5 while doing other stuff with the thumb.

That wuz not nize of da Igor mofo truu. :rocky:

Yes! I know that part, and it’s a great example…they’re most often only in small sections

Similar to Igor’s idea!

Lib there is past his prime though. There’s an earlier rec where he tosses it off as an encore as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

n tru da Leo iz anotha mofo da X haz a beef wit ovah cruelty against penizts writing truu :rage::japanese_goblin:

Past his prime? He was only 33 :lib: :whale:

Yes but already on a slide towards what you’re hearing from him now alas.

Musically he’s always been very uneven, but technically I think he was at his most ridiculous in the mid 90s.

Petrushka’s got lots of other horrendous things in it incidentally. Beside the topic, but I remember a similar passage to those LH double notes in a RH tremolo written so you have to play it 1245/3. Try it just with your hand on the table, I can play such a tremolo at about half a Hz, and the sound I’d make wouldn’t reach 2nd row!

Da Brahms Paganini!

Randomly, da TM left hand double notes are more comfortable than RH

Da GODO talked about da mo natural position of da LH fo double notes, as da strongest fingah iz on top tru

ahahahaha i haff perzonally witnezzed diz on cam n can confirm da TRUMOFO haff zum of da moz inzane LHDNz of all tym :sunglasses:

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Not uzin da mirrah cam tech? :sunglasses:

Ziff Romanian fant. Dns in both hands simultaneously.

There’s a very unpleasant passage in Tausig’s Halka, primarily due to the speed required.

https://youtu.be/5kZljYj0Tko c 6.12

Performance sounds like a midi :sunglasses:

Work sounds like HR6 :sunglasses:

I sure hope it’s not a midi, I have the cd :joy:

Here iz zum zheeyat fo u:


Hahaha rezpec! You should definitely focus on some LH rep!

Da TM randomly haff a betta LH in general den da right truuu.