WHAT R , in your opinion the best left-hand piecez…the real point of
thiz iz to learn about NEW left-hand pieces that we aren’t aware of

  • chopgodz (obviouzly)
  • da KAN op.76 left-hand etude
    -Blumenfeld op.36 ( hamelin kaleidoscope sheeyat)
    -Ravel left-hand concerto

What did I mizz mofos ? 8)

Prokofiev 4th cocerto is also for LH.
Scriabin nocturne

Brahms/Bach Violin Partita Channonce
some Schumann Paganini etudes

godowzky wrote many mo piecez fo left hand alone

twaz hiz speciality

Prokofiev 4th piano concerto is my favourite left hand piece. But I haven`t heard the Ravel concerto.

The Godowsky etudes altough impressive in their own way can`t surpass the original chopets. Did he write any original lefthand pieces.

-The Mephisto

indeed he did, n hiz aim in writing da LH chop studiez wuz not to surpass chopin’z originalz, but to do something new and expand da pozzibilitiez of left hand technical + muzical pozzibilitiez

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