LEGENDARY zpeed demon Ozcar Peterzon pazzez away


RIP to tha legend :rock:

tru tha official topic locatd here


but tru diz topic iz betta :doc:

mazz ul tribute from da canadain? 8)

:stop: 8)

peterson sucked in mah honest universial opinion

You can go straight to hell

One of the greatest pianists of all time in any genre.


a TRU legend

this is pozz one of the most wikid vidz i haff seen


True, that vid is just sick. I’m posting that whole DVD tomorrow, so watch for it if you don’t have it.

Here’s one of my favourites:


SICK. FUCKING Legend man, holy crap

I agree

Banned for the rest of the year.

He was an old man, so it didn’t surprise me. IMO he was probably the most legendary living jazz pianist.

Such joy in m*usic :dong:

rip Peterson :gold:

RIP shreddah 29.3.2005 - 26.12.2007


difference iz, u don’t dizz da dead perzon in da funeral

and ‘hiz playin zux ballz’ doezn’t really qualify az ‘neutral opinion exprezzion’
az hiz playin didn’t materialized itzelf and ztart zuxkin ballz


zhud haf done it long time ago

da zhreddah’z eccentric zhittynezz iz gettin on ma lazt nerve

fuck da zhreddah
let’z lizten to zum petahzon now

Oscar, master of phrasing:


a bit fuckin tru

n da zhreddah can stop cryin’, he’s only banned foh da rest of da year, which iz juzt a few moh dayz

There are opinions and then there is sheer stupidity.