legendary zummah job fo tha BREW or othaz


aahahaha juz…muz be zum zort of trap i’d imagin 8)

pozzilby tha ZHINING part 2 in a tropical enviroment thiz tym :gav:

:whale: :whale: :whale: :stop:

Holy crap.

God bless Australia!

EDIT: thinking a bit more about this, the high salary is probably because the job is dangerous / exhausting. Still… :dong:

not exactly, as a recently graduated finance major I can’t seem to find any suitable employment. The major investment banks are either close to collapse or laying off staff. Might have to start as an accountant or some sheeyat. The stock market has gone to sheeyat just like everywhere else. Not to mention the exchange rate. Hamilton Island is sweet, but I’m sure there’s a catch. Either that or it’s just a big publicity stunt, which wouldn’t surprise me since Tourism Australia is struggling.

well, there’s nothing much u can do w/ the current economy.

the exchange rate is doomed in major developed countries except japan, da yen is too fucking strong. it surged almost 30% against da green back since last november.


their plan for world domination continues :astonished: