leslie howard.......no!

i’ve had his liszt for ages but have only started listening to them today, and i must say they’re horrendous. his playing is absolutely stiff and the sound he produces is ugly; all i can hear is banging! time to erase the entire folder!

I took all the recs and converted them to like Ogg 48 kbps, so they take up no space but in case I need to listen to a piece, I have it around.

tru, i had this only to just have all of liszt’s works, but then i figured that if i listened to something i didn’t know yet, i wouldn’t like it cuz his playing is so ridiculously awful, so i got rid of it

but hiz DJ wuz pretty decent iizc 8)

your memory…failz you :whale: :whale: :whale:


Random thought. As much as I dislike this set… I still believe the Beethoven-Liszt Symphony Transcriptions are MUCH better played by Howard than by Katsaris.

Though Scherbakov owns both imo.

Respectfully disagree with extreme vehemence (especially his live Eroica and Pastoral symphonies)

I was speaking of the Katsaris CD set, which is IMO a bit kooky.

The Kat live pastorale is excellent and the vid of the 4th mov of Eroica is stunning, but somehow he didn’t bring that magic to the recording sessions for the CD. Again, in my opinion.

pozt diz vid :brotha: :pimp: :stop:

Some tracks from the collection are good (Legends in particular), but I find that too often he defaults to (pardon the HORRIBLY cliched metaphor) “Virtuoso Liszt” instead of “Poetic Liszt,” his Annees de Pelerinage being exemplary. For whatever reason he plays Les Jeux d’eau like a fucking animal, no color whatsoever. It’s just a race to see how quick he can get it down.

…and don’t get me going on his 23 minute sonata. Seriously, what the fuck? Yes, it’s important for the piece to be cohesive, but come on.

Yeah, compared to the live stuff the cd doesn’t match up (the 7th is quite good though). Villa’s live 5th symphony is stunning.

isnt’ the entire set something like 95 cds? imo rly should use it only for reference. anything one can get elsewhere SHOULD be got elsewhere.

Villa’s blew me away to the point that I preferred it to the orchestral version. It’s the best Beethoven-Liszt I’ve ever heard.

hahhahaha man dun zay that 8) :brotha:

I know–that and Cyprien’s Eroica I now prefer to the orchestral version, haha.