Lesser Known Liszt :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:

For those who know his lesser known/played works - there is a lot of Music that’s deservingly neglected, but which pieces of his do you think deserve to be played more?

There’s so many less known works!

Offhand, the songs, the Grosses Konzertsolo, and I’m rather fond of the Scherzo and March.

I’ve seen it claimed that the Legend of St Elizabeth is a masterpiece, but I’ve never even heard it.

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All of it. The works from the 20s aren’t quite him yet, and there are a few works from the 40s in particular which sound like on-demand composing - some of the Marches, the Gaudeamus, etc - but even they have a touch of genius in them. I don’t recall any work by him which doesn’t put its finger on something in life.

World music
Feuilles d’album - every single one
The Klavierstücke - both the early and late ones
All waltzes - esp Oubliees 2-4, Meph 2-4, but also the early short party pieces (maybe not the bravoure)
Galop in a
Galop de bal
Heroic March in Hungarian style
All the rappas - 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17
Venezia 1st ver
Romance in E-
Romance Oubliee
Morceau de Salon Etude
Cloche sonne
Csardas, Csardas obstinee
Annees III - Threnodies, sursum corda
Romanesca I, II
Sprunge tremolo
La Notte

Religious music:
Vexilla regis prodeunt
Ave Marias - all
Sancta Dorothea
Harmonies - 1,2,4,5,6,8,9
Hymne matin/nuit
In festo transfigurationis blabla
Benedictus fr Coronation mass
In domun domini
Chapelle Sixtine
Mozart Requiem excrs

Les Huguenots <- his best one
Niobe <- super cool
L’Africaine <- fun!
Verdi Carlos
Gounod Saba

Soirees Musicales
Zelle nonnenwerth
Liebestraum 1,2
Am Rhein
LvB Symph 6,7,9
Berlioz fantastique - Bal, march
Schubert songs - all
Schubert Grand March, Hunagarian March
Lassen 2 songs
Lassen long weird transc
Franz Sturm Regen
Chop song trans wiosna

De Profundis
Ruins of Athens


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a bit wikid ? :lib:


Yes, this is amazing.

This, on the other hand, I used to play, and I think it’s hilariously cheesy in a GGC type manner.

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One of my teachers gave a public performance of Malediction and said it was really nasty for the soloist. Ruins of Athens cracks me up when the long introduction of unadulterated Beethoven ends and Liszt arrives like a bull in a china shop!

Yes, I really like this pair. I’ve only played the slower one though.

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Yes, it’s just fantastic :smiley:

Are we thinking about the same work with the march? It’s not a party piece, it’s a 7-8 minute long ballade like work. I might misremembering the title… it’s something like that.

I don’t think we have the same piece in mind. I’ll see if I can find it somewhere. Thomas Wakefield did it on his :pimp: UK tour album iirc.

Here we are (mislabelled, it’s S.231, Heroic March in Hungarian style).


Via Crucis and Christmas Tree. I might have a go learning these when I get a piano.


No that’s the one! Brutally played here though, I actually like Howard’s recording of it. He’s far from “good”, but he captures something I haven’t heard in any other piece of music. There’s something both striking and moving about the work.

HAHAHA diz mofoz ztylee

Haha I was thinking of this vid when I commented.

He forgot the first 10 or so pages!

Howard recorded multiple Huguenots, they are DRASTICALLY different pieces actually, the lesser known one is actually pretty awesome and has a whole set of different tunes from the Opera.

Its brother. Played by some unknown with dodgy fingerwork :joy::sunglasses:

(Actually, I like da lezbo in this.)

The Liszt paraphrase on I Puritani is disappointingly rare.

Randomly, has anyone recorded the Liszt version of the Figaro fantasy besides Leslie Howard?

Also, who do you guys like in the Busoni version?
Gilels is great as a technical stunt, but it sounds completely empty to me musical. Ginzburg is seriously low T in the voi che sapete section. Gekic is actually a decent mix of virtuosity and moizt, but he did a fair amount of rewriting, which I find irritating, particularly his reharmonisations. Thibaudet, I remember being good (his is the best version of the Faust waltz imo). There’s also the Horowitz roll. Any others I’m missing?

Hough, but if memory serves you’ve already ruled him out too

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