levit - broadcast wdr 3 today - 18:00 GMT - recording please

very intteresting program - please someone record this and share

BUSONI: Fantasia after Johann Sebastian Bach.

BACH: Ricercar a 3, from ‘Musical Offering’, BWV 1079.

KERLL: Passacaglia in D minor.

BACH: Contrapunctus I / Contrapunctus IV / Contrapunctus XI, from the ‘Art of the Fugue’, BWV 1080.

BUSONI: Fantasia contrappuntistica.

Funny there are 2 Levit broadcasts today.

I can probably do it, but I hope someone backs me up just in case.

Levit plays interesting rep these days, he’s booked for a Carnegie recital with the Ad nos this fall as well. I just programmed the recorder too, and note that WDR broadcast at a lovely 320 kbps.

He plays so much rep; he’s basically the opposite of the typical modern pianist, who tend tour with 1 or 2 programmes.

Yes, and he’s apparently planning something special for the LvB year. I’m expecting the 32, but wonder if there’s a chance for the 9. :open_mouth:

I would love to hear the 9th (or any of them).
I think he already plays the 32 so it’s probably that.
Actually, I don’t think he recitals here so I probably won’t get to hear it either way.

I really, really hope his recital here over the winter was a pilot for whatever he’s planning. I’m not sure he would be good in the 9 anyway - an orchestral sound is something he does not have - but from what I heard then a sonata set could be excellent.

Thanks for doing it X.



Da Noztrazheeyat randomly a mini camel clazzic!

Yeah, and it’s in your neighborhood!

I emailed them and asked to play 8)

No response!

Maybe to play all 32 sonatas in one day?

Although he wouldn’t be the first one who did that.

Probably not in one day, but I think the most likely bet is that he’ll be offering all 32 as a series - like Brendel, Schiff etc have done in the past. If he does I’d really love to attend them.

Yeah, that could be the case.
I still remember his recital in Vienna in 2013 where he played 101, Shostakovich all prelude op. 34 and Hammerklavier. One of the most interesting pianist of his generation, for sure.

I really hope he will record all Shostakovich P&F

Did you hear my recording from western Baghdad over the winter?

Haha 8)