Lez make a Chop uncyclopedia entry

he dun haff one

i vill ztart, each mofo provide a few zentencez:

‘’‘Frédéric François Chopin’’’ is a Polish [[composer]] and [[pianist]] famous for boning a [[transvestite]] named George. He is also known for composing the popular cell-phone [[ringtone]] Etude No. 3.

i vill do tha wikiztyle editin zo u dun haff to


come on, use ur imagination…


da chop iz french 8)

hes both french and polish.

well letz juzt zay hez ruzian fo diz article :zupah:

Haha da chop iz from japan

[size=200]** THREAD LOCKED ** [/size] 8)

ahahaha pozzibly, shorly tha :pimp: muzt hav been tho :doc: 8)

HAHAHA dis thread :laughing: :laughing: