Lezzer known Baroque + Clazzical Compozerz

Mozt ov da lezzah known cumpozaz dat we revive and celebrate are Romantic era - early + late. Ov courze diz iz da period wiz da mozt to dizcovah but wut about Baroque n Clazzical mofoz?

Az for clazzical - Hummel and Clementi zeem to be gettin zum fame to zum degree.
Da Weber alzo zeemz to ztill be played but not on da zame level.

U zhud pozz Czech out diz cumpoza :czech_republic:


dere iz many zpanish n iberian baroque cuntpozahz zimilah to zcarlatti. but bazically none of da keyboard zheeyat been rec’d. Cabanilles n Seixas have a lot of keyboard zheeyat. Diz niggah conzidahed da greatezt guitar cuntpozah of da Baroque era:

da FREZCOBALDI an early-Baroque Italian mofo hoo wrote a jillion keyboard zheeyatz. check hiz ztuff.

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Exzept legit cases can be made for da Hummel, Clementi and Weber being Romantic cumposerz.

Da WF Bach meant to have zum wtf zheeyatz. Duzzek.
Did da Ztamitz or Ditterzdorf write any 88 zheeyatz? (Pozz more like 61 zheeyatz)
Reicha wrote zum wtf fugues but :nigga: contemporary, early romantic pozz.

Sylvius Leopold Weiss has some great lute music, an exact contemporary of Bach’s.

Maybe not super obscure, but I like several of Buxtehude’s organ works. Froberger, Reincken. I don’t know any of his music well, but I also listen to Corelli from time to time.

Da HANDEL keybawd Suitez more than 3 hourz of sheeyatz

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pretty gud

Hanon No. 60 guy

Not a lesser known cumposer, but i guess da works are not azide from da harmoniazz niggazheeyat.

The fitzwilliam virginal book has zum Purcell if i zheeyat correctly. (Mozt ztuff is earlier than baroque)

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da orgazmic tremolomofo? alzo diz random frescobaldi-respighi 88tranz

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Actually, who of note has recorded the Handel zheeyat? Aside from :rectum: :gav: and Perahia did 1 or 2.

Schiff has a great HWV 434. Cherkassky did D minor and E major.

I pretty much like this Heidsieck! And Edwin Fischer did some stuff, too.

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Quickly, but what I have listed are:

Landowska - 427, 430, 436, 441, 432
Gieseking - 430
Cherkassky - 428
Goldsand - 427
de Larrocha - 430
Richter - 427, 428, 430, 433, 438, 439, 441, 452
Then-Bergh - 429
Gould - 426, 427, 428, 429
Gavrilov - 426, 429, 431, 432, 436, 437, 440, 447
Ohlsson - 427
Perahia - 430
Schiff - 434
Gekic - 427, 430

No Cherkassky E major - I wuz miztaken (he played the Blacksmith)


Is it as…good/bad as his Bach?

I’m the wrong person to ask. As you know I think he’s a clown. Not without some good things to his credit, but I have no recollection of these.