liberace was gay, and apparently also da worlds fastest pian … andell.htm

He also was noted in Ripley’s Believe It or Not for being “world’s fastest pianist,”

we haff to track down dis fuckin show

did dey have an SD analysis on dis fuckah?

I choose da “or not” option 8)

hahaha, 8)

Dre should sue 8)

hahaha, indeed - he wud get fuckin rich

da liberace was da richest penis evah 8)

ZERO respec fo dat

not even fo da bling factor?

if u think about it , he was way ahead of his time wit all da insane jewelry and sheeyat 8)


U meant in flavor?

hahahaha, only a tru long dongah cud come up wit dat kind of insane sheeyat

respec! 8)