Lig Etudes - For da PROF only?

Recently I was looking into da Ligeti Etudes and mah queztion iz:
Are deze too difficult foh mah BAD ZELF or or are they doable wid a lot of work or … are dey juz impozzible but I zhould play em for mah technique exercize anywayz?
I was thinking about da Columna Infinita, lescalier du diable and atomne en varsovie… (pardon da zpelling plz… ;0)


but i iz attemptin them n u zhud too becuz they ar tha bezt

tha infinite cock pozz zlitely eaziah than tha othaz; it look zupah hard but juz write in wikid fingrin fo every zingl zheeyat in it n zl*w practice (uzin tha inztant relax az zoon az yo digit reach tha bottom of tha zheeyat tech) it cummah quite comfortably pozz

but tru they iz all difficult :AIRRAID: :U/L DIZ:

ahahahah tru tha bez one iz Galomb BONG n Verticalzheeyat

fanfarez iz tha only zheeyat one :whale:


-da Meph(da proppah rezpons to this post better be: HAHAHAHA DA DISSAGREEMENT :whale: )

whut iz yo leazt fav of tha firzt 2 bookz?

cordes vides is probably the easiest, or possibly arc-en-ciel. dont try them though. youll butcher them, especially cause you hate them.

hahahahhahaha they iz tha bezt etudez evah pozz

Hahaha i iz mildly changing mah perzpec on da 20th cent muzik. Hahah I zight read thru da Copland Zcherzo and muzt zay its furiouz. And I very much like L’escalier du diable. And I like colunma as well.


Da Cop Passacaglia is also easy, but very furious. :comme:

can i haff tha zheetz? :dong:

Hahaha do you have an email address i can send tru :smiley: .

And to all, notice how da AIMARD takes da Liszt and Chopets and puts side by side with the Ligets.

Perhaps one can play a Ligeti Etude and follow wid da LIszt 8)


:tm: 8)

Hahaha lots of work 500 KB 8) 8)
copland_passacaglia_salabert_edition.pdf (563 KB)


Performed da Copland Passacaglia last year.

Re-erect thread, cuz da LigEts are da bezt tru!! :stop: :stop:

Anyone know if there’s any good recs of da “troisieme livre” ( 15-18 )?

aimard recorded them on a cd with some reich shit and some african drumming

proabably tha live AIR RAID at wig-mo

Thanks. Found the CD, it only has the last three, but no 15 (da white keyz etude) is on his Sony rec of the first two books. Perhapz I hav to get both…


Thankz fo the tip jred!


tiz a great cd, as one would expect from aimard

i’ll post it

also, ligeti etudes are fucking INSANE. i’ve tried and given up on them more times than anything else