Liszt Collection on display in NY

At the Morgan Library … .asp?id=11

Randomly I would so go to this if I were in NY.

Yeah, plus they have the manuscript to the B minor Sonata.

Jeesus. And if that wasn’t enough, that Babar exhibit should be enough to make it worth the trip.

I’m going to try and arrange a trip to see the exhibition and the score (they also have the Death and the Maiden manuscript!)

Hot damn. Take some pictures, if you can.

we are SO going when i’m there next month

new yorkers are spoilt.


9/11 evend up da balanze :chop: :doc:

Isnt that fairly common to have?

I mean this one … QTJGa1E9PQ

Sure, and there are plenty of prints of the Mona Lisa.

Twould be pretty much awesome to just see it irl, Liszt’s handwriting and all. WAY more mysterious than the Mona Lisa. Which is just really small and there are too many asian people surrounding it to get a good glimpse of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have some more of those complete manuscripts of other pieces?

Tru, but I figured I’d stick to a seminal painting as opposed to something by Carvaggio or Vermeer (if I had a choice of paintings to view)

hahaha that’s so true! I shoved a bunch of em out of the way when I went.