Liszt Consolation Recs

Randomly on a Liszt Consolation kick. Surprisingly, only goodish rec of complete set is bolet so far. Is an odd collection. Horowitz and Richter own the pieces they’ve played individually but curious if there are good sets / perfs out there I should be listening to in addition.

*edit Feinberg also bringing solid moisture and point of view in the ones he played but headphone listening necessary to make out goodness.


Ciccolini’s set is great. Farnadi is good too, though maybe not to everyone’s taste.

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I got Ciccolini. I’ll check it out. Thnx!

I like him but tend to veer away from his recs because the sound and pianos he used were not the best. From what I can tell Clidat also was a good set but sound was too close and thin for me to stick with just a minute ago.

Liking Cicoolini so far. There are two in his EMI set. The latter is in good sound. Very intimate and simple playing! No hamming it up or getting too fussy for the material.

I forgot about a few: Freire is excellent, Filipec is quite good. Gekic is good, if you’re into his style.

Filipec and Gekic listened to and was not in favor with. Friere recorded these? Would be interested in hearing that.

Giving Clidat another shot. Distinctly hearing a bird warble during the first consolation in background. Sort of atmospheric lol



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Awesome thanks!

I think my fav. version is Peter Katin’s

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Firoentino was the one who made the biggest impression on me, but I can’t remember if it was a complete set.

Damn! The Peter Katin!!! Is like they are being whispered in my ear. This perfect set so far. Deliberately and methodically trying to chill lately.

HR put me on forced PTO through the 14th. I hadn’t taken a time off since 2017 which raised some sort of internal alarm I didn’t know existed.

Any other chill music appreciated to keep the old brain occupado until I can go argue with people again.

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