Liszt- da tru mofo pimp from da hood

liszt was obviously a tru pimp from da hood, he used his speedy fingaz on da 88 aswell as unda da sheetz.

respec to him 4 dat.

lets discuzz how fast we think dis mofo really was, and what are his most obvious SD rep highlights? 8)

Liszt probably played all the chopet at twice the tempo

too bad the chopin mofo didn’t let him write variations on his etudes
dat would have been some crazy sheeyat

hahahaha, indeed

da chopin even said dat he wished he cud play da chopets like da liszt did

but i must assert - dat i think dat liszt’s tech and speed has been surpassed 8)

by da doctah?

dats rite

i jus wish dat da docta would really unleash da fury and show off like da mofo we know he is. I got 5 dre cds and i haven’t heard him show off. not cool

haha, maybe he saves all his tru finga speed for da missus.

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Liszt sight-read the 25/6 too (except the famous story about how he blow the sheeyat off Dreyschock at 25/2)

hahahahaha, indeed, sight reading double notes is a fuckin bitch, and demands complete mastery 8)

O, one more thing.

“Instead of giving lesson to the girls, at night, he would found having sex with them.”

I read it somewhere…

hahaha, dats da liszt as a teen - what a fuckin legend 8)

By da time of Liszt/Chopets, piano keys didn’t go as far down as now, keys were very much easier to press down, and there was a slight difference in the size of the keys as well as they were thinner. Dis made it easier to get fury fast in deeze days, but sounded more crappy (go to museum, measure da keys and press dem if yo dare.
Dis conclutes me to think Liszt is unsurpassed!

Me think Chopin da man himself could not play his etydes on our days pianos.

haha, i actually tink da contrary 8)

Liszt should have had a huge girth fo sho 8)

hahaha, who da fuck iz u?

Dat be moi wif a blown up computer 8)

hahaha, i knew it wud be a mofo 8)

this is milfhunter…Liszt played op. 25 no.2 in Octaves…

hahahahaha, i know dat

and godowsky made a trans in octs dat quite a few peepz has played too.

plus da zepp has played da liszt version too 8)

HAHAHA da DOC legendary reztraint