Liszt on Schumann

"In the Paris Revue et gazette musicale for November 12, 1837 (Vol. IV, no. 46) the great Liszt, that king among pianists, paid a most discerning tribute to his [Schumann’s] youthful talent. No doubt, Liszt wrote, Schumann’s works “are not destined to meet with a popular success. But no superior intelligence can fail to perceive in them merit of a high order and rare beauties. Of all the compositions that have come to our notice, with the exception of Chopin’s music , it is those of Schumann in which we have recognized the greatest individuality, novelty, and technical skill. In the Impromptus (op. 5) novel harmonic and rhythmical devices abound. In the Sonata (op. 11) the logic of the ideas is worked out closely and with precision; this is the distinctive characteristic of Robert Schumann’s works. But far from precluding originality, it calls it forth and throws it into still stronger relief. Passion is revealed in his works indirectly and discreetly, but it is there, true, deep, and intensely moving. Schumann’s music appeals to contemplative souls and serious minds, who are not content to remain on the surface of things, but know how to plunge into deep waters to seek the hidden pearl.”

(taken from Victor Basch’s “Schumann: A Life of Suffering”, p. 126-27 [first edition])

Nice to see the thoughts of one of Schumann’s contemporaries (especially such a one as Liszt) on his music.

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Cross-ref Alan Walker: “Reflekzhunz on da Pimp”, Chapter “Da Pimp and do Shoe: An Etude in Declining Relationjihadz.”

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anyone read schumann’s thoughts on liszt? they were pretty interesting- can’t seem to find the book at home. he said something like “liszt has the obvious passion and energy of the successful alive in his eyes”…