Liszt Pag 2 Second Learn Attempt - Da Ho inspireth.. again

I’ve decided this piece is badass tho is beyond my zero practice dilettante skiil level at the moment. Will practice with stuff I’ve figured out from working on the thirds etude which turned out pretty good. Ultimate goal to get it in nearly as good a shape as an 11 yo asian girl.

Randomly, why there so few good perfs of this piece? Its great.


Resplendant digi keybed excellence!


Moving from key bed “feel” practice to headphone “hear“ practice. This shit is at least as hard as FF or etude and thirds maybe harder of you don’t have feel for acrobatic leaps and super fast tech shifts.

How many years did you study?

I took lessons through teens but never had any tech foundation or ambition to pay well. Just started noodling again a year or two ago.

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Cool. I mean to even “noodle” with pieces like this requires a certain level of tech.

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Yeah, I suppose I’m drawn to the problem solving elements in these pieces over mastery and getting back in top of playing. Said it before but it really helps me appreciate what I’m listening to.

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Fuck! This piece harder than FF - no doubt

haha pozz play da zcalez in 3rd :sunglasses:

its got the most fucked octaves sections in the middle and me brain can’t handle the tech shifts from tense spazz to loosenes

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This piece sort of like a mullet part is easy going party and other part is super strict control shits. If that make sense.

The quest continues but many spazz failures still…