Liszt Sonata iPad app


I would, but for $14? Get serious. $4.99 and that fucker would be flying off the virtual shelves.

What the fuck, the same thing for Brotha 9 is FREE!

Well considering it is Stephen Hough, and he did put a lot of effort into making it. I would consider it as an augmented version of a recording. I have spent more than that on a Liszt sonata recording before.

Though I think I am gonna wait a bit and see if the price would drop.

Also the Brotha 9 free one is excerpt only. The full version is also 14 USD.

I bought this just out of curiosity, it is definitely interesting. I dont think Id buy such apps regularly, just as a one off.

I think the video recording is being played on More4 channel in the UK next Saturday as part of their piano night at 8pm.

I like the structural analysis part. very detail with Stephen’s own explanation.

I bought this as a support because I want them to make it for other pieces maybe like Chopin etudes or other sonatas.

Well I’m glad that whoever did that analysis doesn’t seem to be a proponent of the so-called double function theory.

What’s the double function theory?

Don’t tell me what to do or not do. Motherfucker.

SMD ftw.

haha pwn’d, although he is correct.


HAHAHAHA da jeff iz a fuckah fo zhor 8)