Liszt Sonata original ending: poll

worth playing?
  • yeah, play it to expose your cock
  • you better just pick a tranny composer and learn their entire piano works for a CD

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Hahahahah diz endin aftah da klazzik oct zect literally zound lyk

a FEZTIN IMPRO bout to drop

zo outzide da cuntext of da zong, tiz clearly a bit wikid :sunglasses:


hahaha dayum.

so… good for a separate track.

Georg Tintner toiled in obscurity until he started recording the original editions of Bruckner’s symphonies.

Howard the Duck would have been laughed off by Hyperion if he proposed just recording standard Liszt.

The only reason I know about Janice Weber is because she recorded the original version of the TE’s

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You have a VERY good point dude.

I will mull over your advice, mofo!

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Dude, let’s wait until his birthday is over and then resume gang banging his ass (I’m a homo, sorry)