Liszt Technical Exercises Experiment - Poll

  • finger torture is better
  • faking it is better

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So I played these fucks for an hour and recorded some fingery shit…

I dunno… I think faking it sounds better - though this could be because I’m super lazy.

With finger torture:

Regular without finger torture:

Tiz bettah fake

Be careful wiz yo hands, mofo

Tiz like da zheeyat where BUZ zays: prax legato 9ths in both hands wiz 5-4 zheeyats, diz will make yo octs bettah

Yeah right, you stretch out yo hand n really risk damage, unless you readily take a 9th wiz 1-4

Fuck da BUZ, he’s trying to sabotage yo tech


I got no reason to do finger torture stuff. I’m thinking the rhythmic practice elements (which I need even to noodle casually) I can work into actual pieces as long as in 3/4 or 4/4 and get something more useful aside from sore overly aware fingers. #lazerbearknowstheway

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ahahahah BOTH zound a bit GENSUI!

da 2nd freeztylin unleazh pozz da mo m*zical, but da zepp very much enjoyed da firzt zheeyat wiz da wikid ROBODICK rhythm :sunglasses:

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