Liszt TEs thread

Kissin actually played 6 of those - Ricordanza he played in 2011. But I don’t think he’ll ever do them complete.


Tru, frankly, playing dem all a bit of an impossible task. One mofo juz can’t own all of dem… aside from da freaking WHALE. Dat mofo beasts dem all


That roque vid beyond legendary. I’m not a huge fan of his studio rec tho.

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Tru, and da earlier HUNGARIAN TV rec

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Kissin’s selection and Richter’s selection are my favorite performances. But I always found the recorded sound on Kissin’s very artificial. Tremendous performances though. I never thought I’d hear a Wilde Jagd or Feux Follets to match Richter, but Kissin does. He might have even outdone Richter on occasion live.

Try early Pogorelich’s in 5, 8 and 10. That’s crazy.

For example (Liszt starts at 36:30)


hahaha FUCKKKK diz wikid sempre accel from 38:40

da kizzin rubato in diz zect unbearably bad tazte zheeyat
totally trivialize diz wikid pimp rhytmic writin :rectum:


Hahah da I wundah how da DOCz legacy wud haf been affected by recordin da TEz

againzt zuch ZtIFF cumpetition :1st_place_medal:

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Dunno he owned the paganini to the point I was sure they were fake until the live recs started coming up. Think 10 and 11 TEs floating around at some point.

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Hahah tru da 10 on dat random pink hued vid

alzo diz a clazzic

I randomly have sgouros TE and Mephisto waltz album somewhere from prodigy days. Its impressive but maybe not so good. If that makes sense.

Thanks mofo - replaced my 192k MP3 :dong:

Tru, Kissin’s Brahms Paganini are crazy. I thought I knew what is possible in them until I heard that rec. the live version is pretty crazy too.

11:48 daim, this mofo da only rec day get it dat smooth. Dose wtf awkward leaps.

Bachauer’s Book II is pretty good!

Does anyone have a good audio version of the full Pogo recital?

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@Publius here is Pogorelich’s 1990 Los Angeles recital:


cool thanks!

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Damn… son

I now mostly listen to my TV speakers


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