Liszt TEs thread

Talk amongst yourselves.

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Ouch. I don’t mind her playing but have not heard her TEz.

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I see. So, the reviewer has a small cock n wish he could bang a hot halfie tranny like Ott

They “study” with the same competition jury mafia, no mystery there.

Well, if you can “transcend” the technical challenges, that is what you should be doing in an abstract sense.

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Realizing I have a three way tie in my mind for best trannies between gekic, cziffra and dubachle… changes based on what I think they are about at the moment.

I’m still looking for that elusive perfect set of TEs. I think a younger Arrauzal could possibly have accomplished that. I wish Kissin recorded the full set back in the day. The five that he did are :fire:.

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Too bad it sounds like he recorded them on a Casio.

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Doesn’t sound that way to me, but okay.

Hmmm I think the Berman, DINARA, Berezeovsky and Ovchinnikov versions are great

Randomly I favorite da :zif: and da few dat he iz not abzolutely wikid in da :rectum: iz da next at thoze (5, 11)


Randomly, Dinara’s TEs are awesome. She’s a bit psycho in the promo vid on youtube, though!

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Until I heard kissin on the neautral headhpone rig his recs sounded like someone breaking plates on a cookie sheet. Same with Ashkenazy. On the rig insane dynamics mainly.

What do you have? Sennheisers? I like neutral headphones with a slight emphasis on the bass end, and slightly rolled off at the very high end. I used to use Hifiman HE-400s, but got tired of using an external dac/amplifier and switched to Meze 99s. Good open headphones that are sufficiently powered are much, much better, but I’m satisfied.

I have the HD800s, THX789 AMP (godly amazing device), and a DX7 PRO in DAC mode because the chipset is nice and its integration measures super clean. Everything balanced interconnect after USB DAC.

I run Jriver WASAPI or ASIO out using the DX7 Pro custom drivers to feed.

Then I listen to recordings from 70 years ago with 40db dynamic range and mostly noise mmmmm : )


She can really play.

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Tru, randomly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

da OTT cd randomly


I kinda liked some of it until I was told not to.

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