The remarkable thing with Brahms is that he just didn’t leave behind anything bad. He was remarkably consistent, or never chopped wood for his fireplace.

I’d argue however that if Brahms didn’t leave behind anything bad, Liszt never left behind anything uninteresting. His legacy is a depiction of life and the natural world like no other.

Need help with the lingo here. :wink: Who is this?

Ah, Leslie Howard?

Yes 8)

Yes I tend to sort of subtract him automatically when thinking about Liszt recordings.

Da LEZBO Liszt playing - for the most part, is going to turn you off for the piece.

Especially his late Liszt stuff is almost as unmusical as a MIDI, and that’s quite a feat.

Yes Hyperion really should have divided that Liszt series up between their pianists, and let Hough, Demidenko and Hamelin do their share too. Howard still is on my “best yet” list in some pieces though, even where there is competition.

The Norma is not complete garbage, yes 8)

Even a broken clock is right twice a day 8)

Diz harshness brought to you by da TRUMOFO 2017 make DASDC great again campaign :approved:

I heard him play da Mef 2 live, was actually pretty great!

I heard it on live on 2 occasions, agreed, it was a pretty gud perf.

Happy birthday to the most legendary mofo of all! :pimp:

For the longest time I’ve wanted to get this tatooed on my arm, only reason I haven’t is I’ve never come across a tattooist good enough to do it.
Everytime I’ve seen portraits they’ve been terrible.
When I told my friend about this plan the other day her reaction was “What?! Not Gal Gadot?!”. 8)

Tru! I visited tha Masta Pimpz museum in Budapest earlier this year. It’s so easy to write off his music as “empty” ( have a friend who despises Liszt) but his structural congruity through and through is always interesting and innovative, and there’s a very tactile relationship to his music. It goes beyond notes, it just feels right.


Damn I missed this yesterday. I blame the time difference between the 19th and 21st Cs.

Happy B Franz!

Your female friend doesn’t understand that when a man wanks, it’d be better to have the Gadot tat on your leg than your arm.

How’s that for implanting all kinds of images?

Haha yep, much more practical!

c 2010 da TRUMOFO was really into da ALBA.

I was preparing for da 2011 pimp comp and everything was ready for da Sept selection.

So I took a week off and watched every fucking Alba movie starting from da Eye, Deep Blue Sea, Good Luck Chuck etc.

Damn that man is hot. 8)

tru i practiced mephisto leaps all afternoon in his honor