commands rezpek…

By far my absolute favorite of the 19th century and a true heir to da brotha.

He’s my favourite person.
He gets too little credit for all his innovations.
It’s shameful.
At least he’ll always be the king of pianists.

Yeah, I think it comes from a lack of understanding… people love to bash Liszt, ridiculous.

One of my dreams is to visit his grave in Bayreuth.

Mine as well…

All da Mofoz gat got to know da Liszt were blessed.
Randomly da GODO set out to study with him and Liszt had passed away right during his journey.

So he studied with da SS

He gets a bad rep because he had the unfortunate habit of publishing every thing he scribbled on the back of a napkin after a roast dinner.
But if you consider only his best works I think he’s in the same class as :chop: .

In my humble opinion, he is miles and miles above Chopin…
And, what are all these “second rate” Liszt pieces that people mention?
Because I played thru many rarities in addition to my rep, Luke da Slit contraband fantasy, and it’s… pure compositional GENSUI

Da GGC for instance has a variety of texture and perfect sense of form and proportion dat u only get with SOME Chopin pieces tru.

I agree though it’s not a popular opinion.
People say that Liszt has to be made or it sounds either bombastic or kitschy but it’s the same with Chopin.
There’s heaps of great Liszt that rarely gets a look in, for example the Weinen Klagen variations.
When the chorale comes in at the end, it’s one of my favourite moments in music.
I also love the Via Crucis piano trans which basically only da lezbo played.

I love da SHORT COCK weinen klagen which I played, also, out of da more obscure works - da Der Nächtliche Zug has wikid moments…

I truly love dis mofo and dere are still way more works dat I wud like to touch wiz my own hands like da Benedicktion

Anybody who writes something like the B minor Sonata would have to be a great composer.

Liszt wrote a lot of other stuff - much of which I’ll admit not being familiar with. There are hundreds and hundreds of pieces. I’m willing to be convinced that a lot of this is very worthwhile.

I think most pianists are familiar with most Chopin… There are some not so good pieces - but certainly not like two dozen opus numbers that could be deleted without seriously impoverishing us.

So I do have the impression that Liszt’s output is of lower qualty on average than Chopin. Same with other 19th c composers I love - Schumann and Alkan.

With composers like Brahms and Bach, every now and then I discover a piece that is just phenomenal. There is just so much chamber music of Brahms that is relatively ignored and really great. Same with Bach with Cantatas, Motets, etc. Not saying it’s impossible with Liszt but it seems to ve less likely to happen.

As a challenge, listen to an unfamiliar work by Brahms. Then try an unfamilir Liszt. More often than not you’ll conclude the JB is better, I would guess.

I adore Schumann’s piano writing, always so careful, all the motives spin out gradually, juz, TRU composition.

As for da Chopin, I am not a huge fan of hiz treatment of form, esp in da larger works…
on the other hand, a competent performance can smooth over these inherent problems with the piece itself.

as for da Liszt, his perception of form is so complete, even something as fun as 9th rhapsody is treated with utmost care and pure genius throughout…
always a feeling of TRU proportion and symphonic development, regardless of whut material…

da trumofo obviously a complete Liszt lovah TRU.
I adore da scriabin juz as much, need to get da etudes op. 8 crammed into mah zlow brain, dose aare WIKID as fuck

Part of the problem is that Liszt had a performing career unlike any other famous composer and his grade point average is dilluted by all the pieces he composed pour épater la galerie.
Not to mention that many of his works exist in multple versions.

Long live da SDC!!! :pimp:

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