live rocky 23/4 n 39/5

23/4 … cWRMWEE9PQ

39/5 … bmlGa1E9PQ

:ho: :ho: :ho: :rock:

respect Rob!!!

i wish that the piano was in tune :cry:

its an insult to your (great) playing

Rob, this 39 no 5 is excellent,

Awesome performance;

dispite the intonation

hahahaha rezpec fo that 8)

twuz indeed it not tha bezt 88 only tha JEFF and ETUDEZ haff heard the painfully deztroyd 39/6 - on a burn aftah hearin baziz

i vill pozz pozt tha 23/2 :rock:


how about the second movt of prok8?

these are nice btw, mucho rezpecto