Lockjaw and Griffin Quintet Seattle 10/10+17/62

Here’s one of my fave radio broadcasts…smokin’
Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis and Johnny Griffin, Tenors
Horace Parlan piano, Buddy Catlett bass, Art Taylor drums
dig, sousa


no comments on this kickin’ sheeeeeyit??

Sorry, I just don’t have time to waste on megaupload.

yeah, whatever===>>reupped-

Sorry dude, didn’t mean to sound harsh. I was just doing like 5 things at a time and it got a little heated.

Some MILES coming right up for you though.

Also, do you want the COmplete Miles in Montreux? It’s like 17 CDs or something. Some great stuff, though alot of it is from his electric era and I don’t enjoy that nearly as much as acoustic miles.