LOLA finally comes out as a dude



Note that she looks way more convincing as a DUDE

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gud imperzonation of da SOCK :sunglasses:


Daim, datz ackshully quite funny :smiley: Rezpek da lol


HAHAHAH da TM dizz da LOLA on diz forum yet

Praize da Lola in da cummentz

Diz 2 faced approach :sunglasses:


maybe diz hopeful 2 dong approach teck

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Da TM respondeth

Of course. Piggyback off da raw Lola views n get da Kaykov public brand endorsing dat crafty tranny.

I only slam da Lola lowest common denominator marketing. Same applies to the Poon. I slam both those mediocre trannies as da Zecret Penizt

Den log in n sing deir praises in ma official accunt.

The facials here pretty good too.

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Pretty funny vid.

A glittering career in academia beckons for da BENNYDICK. N pozz sum academically mandatory, but very confuzing (fo everyone) ztudent :dong: zucking.

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Da chezt iz in a weird pozition :sunglasses:



With a direct pianistic lineage back to Franz Liszt and a distinct visual flair, Lola Astanova has perfected a riveting and deeply emotional style that hearkens back to the old masters.

Her superb piano technique, combined with deep musical sensuality and a unique sense of fashion have helped Lola to forge an exhilarating international career and re-define what it means to be a modern day virtuoso. Performing the most exclusive classical concerts in the world and collaborating with the best orchestras, as well as mainstream and crossover artists, Lola has captured the hearts of music lovers in every corner of the globe.

And while today she is by far the most watched and talked about virtuoso in the world, Lola remains true to her musical roots and her desire to make every performance “a passionate love affair…”


It is popular to say dat shit!

Another Liszt descendant:

I don’t know where they descend from


I can say that they descend UNTO MEDIOCRITY


My ass!

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For her viewers. Balding middle-aged men passionately jerking off to her vids (their wives install an adult-content blocker on the home internet network). Oh it’s a “passionate love affair” alright.

God damn.

The world of social media is full of these lunatics. Unbelievable.

I can easily stoop lower than Lola though. I just might do it to have a breakthrough

Get a multi cam vid shoot where I play da Liszt Big Mac in sum Satanic outfit while chicks, dudes and trannies gyrate in da background and occasionally jump on da 88 n thrust their junk in my face

The 10 minute Danse macabre probably needs to be castrated for the youtube crowd though:

This 6 min version is way more popular than her complete vids of the Ho rewriting


Gotta respek the choice of mullet n da Yuja dere

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This type of penist iz nowhere without da fazhion zhowz and vizuals. Deir “image” became az important az deir arse-titse-try, if not more important.

Still more of a problem of the over saturated market.

Damn! Well, she did what she had to do

Starting with slurping :trump: ‘s small :dong: