Lolanova returneth from hiatuz

Ok, is she in sum oligarch basement or already prepared for doomsday, in her bunker with Gayergiev n sheeyat?


:basketball: :basketball: anyone watching this?!

Daim! Rezpek diz DIGI unleash :zepp:

Is dis :lola: attempting sum cuntinuouz muzic? :lube:


Most women her age start to discover lube.



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nice lighting.

btw she’s playing on a custom Lola bench!

no no, I’m serious. WTF

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Lola is sitting on herself :sunglasses:

Da Lolanova

Randomly accidentally a gensui nick

I like da Tanned Ho tbh

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she posts far, far less frequently now…


I know. Maybe she’s got a tame oligarch

… or the surgical procedures are becoming increasingly disruptive.

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can only afford 2 estrogen shots per month

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B major oestrogen shots

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typing this while teaching pirates of da carribean (part of it rip off da SS Big Mac)


oooooo yes. I’m slutting my skills out too… more stable income than trying to pretend to be a “concert pianist” LMAO. 100% certain I’ll get there tho… self-fund with ZERO net profit at first. I can do it.