Long conversation with Grigory Ginzburg

I spotted this on the web. Seems interesting, even if I still have to read it completely.


Thanks - it’s VERY interesting!

truuu, good stuff

It’s very interesting, I haven’t finished reading it yet but will try to do so soon.

But don’t believe Ginzburg when he states he never practised more than three hours a day! :wink:

haha yes, a bit like Richter’s three hours practice.

I believe it, the dude had teaching duties and was talented as fuck.

the first few years with Goldenweiser he got assigned da Chopin Op. 25, den Scribetz Op. 8 and den Chopin Op. 10

that’s beast.

You also believe the Earth is flat. :rectum:

I dun believe any such sheeyat.


we simply can’t speculate on something shrouded in as much secrecy and misinformation as da shape of our earth.

btw comme said he will try and join da site in da morning. 8)

How much are you practising these day?

maybe 4 hours… some days less. Pretty decent.

learning da 110 and a few Liszt pieces from da Annees for my Jan 27 rectal.

Good stuff.
I used to set myself a minimum of 6 hours, but it was hard with class so I skipped as many as possible.
I guess at your level 4 hours is enough.

I could do more, but my concentration only is good for 4 hours of decent work. Plus with work and school I mostly do early morning.
I can’t remember the last time I practiced past 7pm 8)

IMHO practicing after you crammed your head with work, school and JAV-studies, you’re better of sitting with da score instead of half-heartedly wasting yo time at da 88 bench 8)

but tru, getting to school early morning, all the good 88z are available n sheeyat.

In the first years with Goldenweiser (when still a boy), he did tons of Czerny, Hanon and exercises.
I’ve been told by a reliable source that Ginzburg was an unpleasant man who always deliberately tried to create the image of a pianist who didn’t practise much, while in reality he practised a LOT more than three hours a day…

He found the time? Rezpek!

My mother’s prof studied with him tru


incorrect. He made unreleased recordings of at least 4 etudes and programmed unspecified Chopets.

I would love you hear chopets from Rachmaninoff.
I can imagine what his 10/1 and 10/4 would sound like.

man, he could play da 10-1 in chords. 8)

pozz he could unleash it in undah a minute? 8)