look at da supahstah and hiz brilliany cousin

hahahahah !!!

n-v ?

wouldnt want to be on your side of da family

gud genes on da chick tho

arrrrrghhhhhh… :smiling_imp:


y iz diz not in da WUDUHITIT sect? :lib:

brilliant idea !! tomor-raw ! :slight_smile: :doc:

but hold on … hitting which one ?

daiiiiiiiiiiiim tha supahztars cousin.

how diztant iz she? 8)

didnt think dat far. i wuz juz protezting againz spam 8)

:rock: “tiz not important”

AHAHAHAHAHA FUCKKKK Tha legendary inbreedding :rock:

i can see im haffin my 5 mins at da sdc front page

mark, dat’s a terrible belt, n i wudnt EVAH wear dat shirt wiff jeanz.

love da curlz tho.

rough huh !! u need to minimize diz pic to see me !

u iz ahsome // HAHA … FCUK !

i always had lot of guys having crush on me … pity not gurls tho …

:comme: :comme: :comme:

i am dizzapointd tha pic of ur brillany couzin hath been removd:whale:

hahaha fuck! da failed :whale: attempt 8)

ill post it later again … i just changed my server files … ill do it today later